Trekking to the Icehouse of Funtana Cugnada

Trekking to the Icehouse of Funtana Cugnada

In the high mountains, in Aritzo, on the slopes of the Gennargentu in the territory surrounding the village towards the summit of Funtana Cugnada, there is a place frequented by ice merchants. The ice was obtained through the conservation of snow in large holes called 'icehouse', an active practice from the early 1600s to 1900, that brought the local people in close contact with the Spanish workers. Hence the probable origin of Carapigna, one of the oldest ice creams in Sardinia.
The path varies from the low part rich in vegetation up to the barren mountain, classic of some slopes of the Gennargentu. The area is frequented by mouflons, wild horses and some specimens of eagles.


Trekking Data

  • Level E (Hike)
  • Distances: 13 km total
  • Departure from 1000 m | Arrival 1500 m
  • Difference in height: 700m


Recommended equipment:

  • Trekking shoes
  • 15-20 liter backpack
  • Change clothes and shoes to leave in the car after-trekking
  • Trekking or comfortable trousers
  • Sports shirt (technical fabric or cotton)
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera / smartphone
  • Snood - scarves
  • Windproof / rainproof jacket

Caution: It is advisable to dress in layers, avoiding clothes that are too heavy during the walk, but wearing a jacket or a warm garment during breaks (especially on colder days). Trekking requires an adequate minimum physical preparation.



  • Water: 2 or more liters
  • Abundant breakfast before departure
  • On the way → dried fruit, snacks
  • Packed lunch (Cold or fresh dishes from the hotel).

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